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There’s pretty much nothing we can’t do with a chic pair of shades on. The shielded accessories make us feel almost invincible, so that we ooze confidence and walk down the street with our own movie soundtrack in our heads. And this feeling is even stronger when your sporting shades that have been deigned to accentuate your face shape, protect you from the sun and look super edgy all in one. So, without further ado, I introduce to you Warby Parker vintage-inspired prescription eyeglasses with a story worth knowing.


Warby Parker was founded by four close friends, each with a rebellious spirit and a “lofty objective”. As with most designer labels, a hefty price tag that breaks the bank before you’ve been given a receipt comes with it, so combining their business acumen, creative eyes and likeminded opinions, the four set out to create “boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.”


Each design is custom made to fit, using unique materials such as cellulose acetate and ion-plated titanium produced specifically for Warby Parker to ensure each design has flexibility as much as durability for a real feel-good investment purchase. Ticking all the boxes, Warby Parker also endeavour to keep it green and clean, prescribing an astonishing 500,000 glasses to the visually impaired and those in need so that they can go on to lead happier, more productive lives. It is brands like this which we highly praise here at Semple. Fashion and design should see no boundaries between culture, class and capabilities and just as Warby Parker instil every day into their work ethos, it is important to give back and readdress the balance of misfortunes in every way that we can.


Warby Parker’s mission is crystal clear. They are a brand that aspires to bring something new and exciting to the table, from the design and manufacturing, to the retail experience and that very moment when you put on your shades to watch the sunset. Designed for our lust to jump in a retro Cadillac and churn up some dust on Route 66, Warby Parker’s glasses provide “all the style you need to travel your road with class”.

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kWarby Parker’s new Spectrum Sun Collection is available now online. Semple are in love with the pastel pink <3

By Marni Banks


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