“We are all responsible for our own state”. I first heard this statement at a leadership course last year. It really resonated with me, for all kinds of reasons.

The speaker was referring to an talk he attended where, following an event the prior night, all attendees were hungover and not really listening, despite the next day being important. He considered that they had made a choice to stay out late and drink excessively and then allowed themselves to feel and act tired and hungover the next day. Both were choices.

I expect that everyone can relate to a time when their state, be it mental, physical or fashion based, has not been as required.

On an average work week morning I rush out of the house in a whirlwind, throwing on whatever work-acceptable outfit is nearest, with no thought to style or presentation (my make up bag has not been touched for quite some weeks). What does my ‘state’ say to others, and what would I like it to say? How much earlier would I need to get up to make an incrementally positive impact showing the calm, professional, stylish, ‘together’ woman I want to be?

I estimate 10 minutes in the morning and some thinking before bed (while I brush my teeth) about what I want to wear the next morning. Just a little more time spent generally ensuring my wardrobe is in order (for in order read “I have a clean pair of tights without holes in”).

Frequently I allow my workload to become the definition of madness itself. In ‘poor me’ mode I have had ‘no time’ to plan and have been ‘too exhausted’ to get up earlier. True, but also of my own doing. This week I have booked eurostar tickets and googled Paris hotels. I have met up with people to talk new jobs and I have spent time on Facebook. I could easily have found 15 minutes a day for me, but I did not.

Fashion is an expression of ourselves, or of the self we want people to think we are. So it is worth time and consideration, even if you find you’re still wearing the nearest pair of jeans and a sweater. In my world, that’s just what weekends are for.

What about in yours?


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