We all love a bargain, and I for one am constantly feeling the burn in my pocket with money. All of those bills that need paying and yet I still find myself drooling over new products and brands that I want to try out. So how do you know when to spend big, or when you can get more for your money? Well when it comes to makeup I am sorry to report that a lot of the time, you will find yourself spending more for better products.

MAC is the first obvious brand that is loved by all women across the world, and yes most of their products are very high quality. But when it comes to things such as makeup remover, ladies you don’t have to be a big spender. I wouldn’t waste my time buying makeup remover, makeup wipes or any makeup care products from MAC, as most of those products of theirs are mainly made up of water. So with makeup removers etc. you are safe to get products such as Boots own and not have to break the bank. I would never recommend facial wipes over remover liquids however as they are not good for your skin; they dry them out and cause irritation to the skins surface even if you don’t feel like it has. Although their removal and care products might not be the highest of quality, I would always recommend sticking to MAC when it comes to things such as lipsticks; I absolutely swear by them as they are long lasting and have a great range of colours. For precision their lip liners are also fantastic.


Images courtesy of maccosmetics.co.uk

If you are looking for a more high street brand to fill your makeup bag I would mostly recommend Rimmel London, their liquid eyeliner is particularly good and it’s a product I have used for years and not come across one better for me. It’s long lasting and easy to apply. Their pressed powders are also good if you like a matte finish to your makeup, however I would mainly recommend a clear powder as it doesn’t add any more thickness to your makeup and sets it nicely. Bourjois is another of my favourite high street makeup brands. I am a huge fan of their mascaras as they have an ultra-black range which gives a great amount of volume which is what I look for in a mascara. If you are looking for things such as nail polishes I would highly recommend Models Own as I absolutely adore their range of colours, and they have options for jazzing up your nails with glitter and accessories!


Images courtesy of @modelsownofficial Instagram

By Connie O’Neill

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