Even if you didn’t tune in to watch the VMA’s last Monday, I’m sure you have still heard about Miley Cyrus’s eyebrow raising performance; which earned the pop star 306,000 tweets per minute; which, believe it or not, is more than the blackout during the Superbowl.

If you still needed confirmation that Miley’s Disney days were behind her, this was it. Long gone is the squeaky clean teen star and in her place is raunchy rebellious ratchet and love her or loathe her, everyone is talking about Miley.

Miley took to the stage to perform with Robin Thicke, wearing a nude coloured skin tight latex bikini, complete with 90s buns and stacked creepers, she then proceeded to ‘twerk’ her non-existent ass around the stage and grind on the Blurred Lines singer, while toting a giant foam finger with which she used to rubbed herself as she gyrated and stuck her obnoxious tongue out at the audience, for what seemed like the entirety of the show, leaving us to think she had been infected with a serious case of mad cow.


Her vocals were off, her clothes were off and the audience were most certainly turned off. During the live show the camera zoomed in on the likes of Rihanna and Will Smith, who was sat with his daughter Willow and son Jaden, all of whom had looks of utter horror plastered across their faces. One would think that if the likes of Rihanna were looking at you like you have gone too far, that it might very well be time to have a quiet word with yourself.

The dreadful singing, dancing and outfit aside, it was the use of said foam finger as a phallic object that caused the biggest shock. Miley placed the prop between her thighs and thrust her hips toward the hoards of people who turned out for the show, while her own mother stood dancing and smiling like a cheshire cat amongst the star studded audience, leaving others looking on in disbelief. Now we are no strangers to a flash of flesh and a near the mark dance routine, but Miley’s blatant display left little to the imagination and showed no artistic worth what so ever. The whole thing came off as desperate from start to finish and I found myself asking was it Molly or Miley we witnessed?


Her VMA’s showdown was just the crescendo of a long line of unruly antics from the singer. When pictures surfaced of Miley taking legal highs in 2010, it seemed from then on out that she was hell bent on changing her image. Miley swapped her long locks for a more edgy hairstyle, modified her wardrobe, dumped actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and then opted for drug reference lyrics such as “dancing with molly” and “trying to get a line in the bathroom”. The pervious of which she claimed was actually meant to be “dancing with Miley”, but with her southern accent and all, y’all simply misunderstood. Getting a line in the bathroom it seems left no room for misinterpretation though. Now looks like a good time to place our bets as to how long it will be before the DUI’s and imminent rehab stints start rolling in. Looks like Amanda Bynes might be off the hook as resident crazy person sooner than we expected.


For those of you who take the opinion that she is just a young woman trying to sell an album, cause a stir and merely entertain, I get you and I wouldn’t say a word if it was any good, but it wasn’t and as Miley said, “it’s my mouth I can say what I want to” and I say, leave it out love. You’re not street; we all remember Hannah Montana and that terrible blonde wig, the guitar playing southern belle and how you hoped off a plane at LAX with nothing but a dream and a cardigan. You’re not fooling anyone. Stick to what you’re good at, cause it sure ain’t shaking it.

Oh and least we forget Billy Ray Cyrus is her dad, how G! He must be so very proud.

By Sophie Maguire

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