Most of us like to keep our money safely in our purses, but Mi Moneda are asking us to put our money where our heart is with their stunning range of pendants.

Since launching their coin inspired jewellery range in 2009, Mi Moneda have established themselves as a unique and innovative brand with over 1300 selling points around the world. The striking designs and flexibility of the collections have fast made the brand a favourite of the stylish set.


The collections incorporate a whole range of jewellery but it is their necklaces and pendants that have quickly become a cult favourite. The name translates as “my coin” in Spanish and the concept of coin jewellery derives from the tradition in Ancient Egypt of using coins as amulets. The coins they wore held special meaning and would be worn close to the heart. Mi Moneda wanted to keep this special meaning at the centre of their designs and created a stunning collection of coin jewellery that can be adapted to suit your own personal style.


The success of luxury charm bracelet brands, like Pandora, have given us a taste for personalised jewellery and Mi Moneda pendants are the perfect way to expand your individual collections. For 2014 they have added to their range by launching a new Cambio collection and further expanding their range of coins. The new designs are crafted in 925 sterling silver with the option of three different finishes and are complemented by matching leather bracelets.  Working in harmony with the previous collections means you have even more options to mix and match your own design. The handmade necklace is available in three sizes and the addition of the Cambio range now gives you over 250,000 combinations to choose from to create a look that is unique to you.

The brand are keen to keep alive the spiritual message behind the original coin amulets and you can choose to have your pendant inscribed with inspiration texts, short, meaningful sentences or images like a hamsa hand or Cross. Prices vary from £12.50 for a small Moneda coin to £351 for a Sterling Silver Double Pendant set.


The successful brand has expanded quickly and would like to think that one day everyone will have their own special Mi Moneda message close to their heart.

By Samantha Vandersteen

Mi Moneda

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