The Semple team had the pleasure of viewing the Spring/Summer 2012 collection by the exceptional Andrew Majtenyi.

In conjunction with London Fashion week, the award-winning designer presented the exquisite collection, inspired by the medieval trial of Katherina Hetzeldorfer in 1477, at Chantelle Showroom.

Majtenyi developed the designs through focussing particularly on the jurors and art from the medieval period. Each design exudes the richness of colour, pattern and texture that illustrates the intensity of the trial and the somber moods on the subject’s faces at the time.

Andrew Matjenyi Catwalk Image - Copyright Andrew Matjenyi

The prints have been specifically designed for the collection, with reference to art as well as architecture, including forestry, castle towers, and church spires. One of our favourite designs is the pep jacket, a metallic tweed jacket which was inspired by armour from the medieval period. It is a beautiful combination of ‘structured strength’ and feminine sophistication.

Andrew Matjenyi Catwalk Image - Copyright Andrew Matjenyi
Andrew Matjenyi Catwalk Image - Copyright Andrew Matjenyi

The cathedral dress is also a stunning design. The printed design of the 100% silk floor length dress takes inspiration from church spires at a bird’s eye view, and is an elegant collaboration of striking print and opulent fabric.

Majtenyi is one of the few designers that have had the opportunity to tour internationally as a guest designer to Dubai, Prague and Zagreb Fashion Weeks.

The Canadian-born and UK-based designer set up shop in Clerkenwell, London 2009. He studied various aspects of fashion design and worked with some of the industry’s most respected individuals, such as master tailor Vincenzo Cardone, Madame Sophie, who taught him advanced techniques of draping, and Santo Laquasto, under whom Majtenyi honed his couture skills.

For more information on Andrew Majtenyi and his Ready To Wear Spring/ Summer Collection 2012 visit: or

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