Kathy Naylor has used her extensive knowledge and history as a jeweller to develop her new range of recycled and restyled vintage jewellery, labelled ‘Revintagebling’, under the ‘Kathy Naylor Accessories’ umbrella. The concept of ‘Revintagebling’ is ‘to remake, redo, recycle and refashion vintage items of jewellery to create gorgeous, glamorous, wearable contemporary pieces.’ Working with jewellery from the 1920s through to the 1980s, Kathy Naylor aims to preserve the timeless essence of each piece of jewellery whilst ‘enhancing their originality and creating accessories to compliment both the vintage and contemporary wardrobe’.

Kathy initially trained at degree level in jewellery and silversmithing. She began selling her items in a number of London boutiques, including Liberty, whilst working at the Royal College of Art where she taught creative enamelling and silversmithing to adults.

Having spent twenty years as an avid collector and wearer of all things ‘beautiful, old and kitsch’, Kathy discovered the recurring matter that some vintage jewellery ‘did it’, and some ‘did not’. Examining this theory, Kathy began to realise that by combining the best parts of vintage pieces with modern additions, she could create truly collectable and original items of jewellery.

Kathy says, ‘my work is all about using the things I love – old stuff; buttons, buckles, brooches and ribbons – I love the irregularity of old beads, the slightly muted colours and the feel of the fabrics and lace from bygone times. But it’s not a case of anything goes, because it doesn’t, I take a considered design approach as to what should go with what, and then the making process is a joy.’ Through ‘Revintagebling’ Kathy aims to encapsulate the feel of the history of each vintage piece and breathe new life into each and every one of them.

'I am a 1970s blue diamante ring brooch with a recycled German glass flower button centre, from the 50s. I am edged with 1960s vintage petticoat lace'.
'I am a 1960s gilt metal filigree brooch with a 1970s mouse button, vintage ribbon bow and glass beads dangles from the 50s, 60s and 70s'.

The personal item that Kathy treasures most throughout her collection of clothes and accessories is a pair of elegant yet functional Russell & Bromley muted gold woven topped stilettos, which she bought ten years ago from a vintage boutique when working as an event’s organiser. ‘They are gorgeous, from the 1950s, fit me like a glove and are so comfy. I needed something that looked the part but saw me through a whole event. They make me feel very feminine and dolled up. They are also really unusual so I think they showcase my slightly quirky tastes and love of all things vintage. If I have anything black on, and pop a gold 1950s three strand necklace and these shoes on I am in instant party gear!’

Kathy's treasured Russell & Bromley Stiletto Shoes.

Kathy takes inspiration from her mother who influenced Kathy’s own creativity and supports her entire venture. ‘She has always shown me that individuality is to be treasured, and has supported everything I’ve done.’ As a designer, Kathy takes inspiration from the effervescent Vivienne Westwood, ‘I have a small collection of pieces from the last twenty years, bought, worn and loved. Her ability to take a classic and make it unusual is unquestionable and I strive to do the same, in a way.’

The ‘Revintagebling’ collection includes a variety of styles representing a bygone era of creativity, such as 1930s murano glass earrings, 1950s cluster brooches, and glass bohemian necklaces from the 1970s. However, Kathy’s signature style seems to rest with the Rosette, with limitless appeal and variations to add to its original design.

Every piece of the ‘Revintagebling’ collection is distinctive, and there is definitely something for everyone; from the eccentric ones in the biggest, boldest accessories to those of us who just want a chain for our glasses, everyone has an excuse to wear something beautiful and unique.

For more information on ‘Revintagebling’, visit www.kathynaylor.co.uk

Adrianna Haynes



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