It was inevitable really and we only have ourselves to blame. After opening our wardrobes wholeheartedly to the Seventies trend it was only a matter of time until we had a new trouser shape to embrace; the flare!


Fblogger Marie Lozano if fully embracing the wide leg trend

It’s amazing how much fear and trepidation a new trouser style can create. Do you remember way back when skinnies suddenly hit the scene? They came out of nowhere and immediately woman everywhere went “no thanks! Squeeze myself into drainpipes day in, day out? I don’t think this one is for me!”. But then a few early adopters (mostly tall, willowy types) dipped their toes into a pair or two. Then a few brave fashion pioneers tried them out with a long t-shirt and before you knew it we were all squeezing ourselves into skinny jeans and jeggings. Skinnies have long since reigned as the most versatile legwear and, despite early reservations, are surprisingly flattering on most shapes and sizes.


Victoria Beckham High-Rise Flared Jeans, Net-a-Porter, £235 

Well it’s time to give the skinnies a rest and our legs some room to breathe because suddenly tapered ankles are being overlooked in place of a cute kick flare. The ideal silhouette of the flare is fitted around the hips and bum, snug around the thigh with a little kick out from the knee down. Keep them nice and long over boots for a classic look or, for those who like to push the boundaries, why not experiment with a slightly shrunken kick flare that grazes the ankle. 


Alexa always manages to put her own twist on a current trend

Again this trend is surprisingly easy to wear and perfect for the office with a smart, fitted shirt. Avoid looking like you are on your way to a hippie party by not being tempted to mix this with the boho trend for embroidered tops; they tried it at Coachella and that’s wear it needs to stay. 


Farleigh Flare Jeans, ASOS, £38

However if you do dare to flare – watch out for British summertime showers, the extra ankle material soaks up water like a sponge! Rain showers aside shake off those skinnies, liberate your ankles and slip into some flares. 

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