No one can underestimate the influential power that a magazine editor holds. And when that editor happens to be Alexandra Shulman – editor-in-chief of British Vogue – backed in turn by legendary supermodel Kate Moss, the power is truly unstoppable.

So when we heard that the indisputable duo had decided to welcome disgraced designer, John Galliano, back into the fold we were quite possibly more intrigued than the man himself.

Shulman invited Galliano – who she describes in her editor’s letter as a man who “has always been informed by a richness of imagination and history,” – to be a guest fashion editor for the issue alongside Moss, Galliano’s longtime confidant and muse.

The December issue sees the supermodel, who recently became a contributing fashion editor at the magazine, grace the cover of the fashion bible for the 34th time. The shoot is part of an industry comeback for Galliano, who fell into disrepute following his unforgettable anti-Semitic rant at a couple in a Paris café back in 2011. Entitled simply ‘Fantasia’, the shoot took inspiration from The Ballet Russe and Malcolm McLaren, with photographs by Tim Walker.

“The scene is set. I lean into Kate’s ear. ‘Can you keep a secret?’. She is charged, the berry stains on her perfect mouth and like a butterfly she alights and hovers into the perfect position, feeling and finding the light,” wrote Galliano.

The former creative director of Dior can be seen in a top hat and a stunning suit by Lanvin sat next to Moss in a vintage lace cheongsam and fur stole. Moss also features in a kimono jacket and vintage silk slip dress designed by Galliano.

One person who has certainly been impressed by Galliano’s return is Shulman, who asked him to describe his concept prior to the shoot. In her editor’s letter, Shulman explained that she “hadn’t expected such a vivid picture to arrive … outlining his inspirations and his feelings, demonstrating the workings of an erudite and passionate brain”.

Other than an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year, Galliano’s guest role at Vogue marks the start of a long journey back to the top. But he is determined and humble, eloquently expressing his appreciation towards both Moss and Vogue with his parting words: “I am so grateful. God bless. Johnny G”.

By Jenna Jones

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