This week a feud between music legend Sir Elton John and fashion house D&G hit the headlines as Domenico Dolce shared his rather controversial thoughts on family and how he believes children born through IVF treatment are ‘synthetic’. I think maybe he should stick to labelling his clothes and not children – next he’ll be declaring that babies are ‘dry clean only!’.

“I’m sceptical of chemical offsprings and rented wombs, chosen from a catalogue. Life has a natural course. There are things that should not be changed, and one of these is the family.” – Domenico Dolce, in the March 2015 issue of Italian magazine Panorama 

Elton John and husband David Furnish’s children are anything but synthetic, and just like every other child born from IVF they are born from more thought and more love than most naturally conceived children. It is an emotional fight and a lengthy process that many of us will never have to endure, thankfully, just to bring a child into this world with the person that we love. I remember my mother telling me about her best friend, crying as she held me as a baby in her arms; herself and her husband trying desperately for a baby of their own at the time, heartbroken and struggling with IVF – after all it is no guarantee, but thankfully after the third treatment they heard the news they had been longing for, they had a gorgeous girl shortly followed by twins a few years afters. They are a beautiful family, born of love with the help of science, and there is absolutely nothing fake about them.



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I have to say I was shocked to hear this fashion mogul’s rather repressive views on family, I thought we were past this all. But I was more shocked to have read that former infamous rivals Elton John and Madonna have actually come together to stand against Dolce’s seemingly nonchalant remarks about such a personal topic. But despite numerous celebrities standing up and boycotting D&G they are yet to apologise, but you know what they say ‘Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word’.

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