Behind the Seams

Recently featured in Financial Times magazine, Behind the Seams taps into the idea that every woman has a garment or accessory that she loves and cannot throw away. It could be a dress, scarf, bag, shoes or jewellery and if the woman is like me, she will be interested to know more about an item that she cherishes.

I began MSL in July 2010 based on a really simple idea. If my dress that I bought in St Michael in 1985 for £15.99 is still a favourite in 2013 then there will be other women interested to know more about their items.  And this is why I created a gift called Behind the Seams.

But I am also aware that I would not naturally buy a gift card for myself but if someone bought it for me then I would love to receive the book about my item. So the Behind the Seams gift is a luxury present for someone else!

If you think about it, you will have been searching for something unique and special as a gift. The treasured item does not have to be designer expensive or vintage but it will reflect the idea that more and more of us want to know the provenance of what we treasure.

Take a look at our Behind the Seams gift cards and get in contact. If you like what we are offering tell a friend too.