Robin Dalton has led a life rich with both glamour and prosperity. Having wholeheartedly embraced all the opportunities that came her way, she has reaped the benefits of a varied and thriving career as a writer, literary agent and film producer. Robin believes that this continuous shift of focus has hindered her from becoming truly successful in any single field, stressing that it is her role as a mother that she looks upon most proudly. However, it is clear to many that Robin has achieved success in a variety of occupations rather than simply one, and it is this that sets her apart from her contemporaries. Splitting her time between her daughter in London, son and grandchildren in her native Australia and her second home in Biarritz, Robin is focusing upon writing two screenplays and completing her third book; at 90 years old she is showing no signs of slowing down.

It was a visit to London with an American friend that brought Robin to Goodwin’s Court and her old office, now inhabited by the MSL team. Peering in through the windows in a head to toe vintage Chloe piece, Robin was eager to see how the house had been altered since she worked here many years ago. She found the visit deeply moving and fondly remembers the work she did here as a literary agent, which she feels came very naturally to her. Although she does not consider herself ambitious, Robin has always maintained an enjoyable yet diligent work ethic and is most proud of having never let her herself fail at a given task.

Her wardrobe is brimming with an array of vintage clothes like the Chloe outfit, and she holds fond memories of them all. One such garment is a red Thea Porter gown, purchased over 40 years ago and described by Robin as the ‘most spectacular’ dress she owns. The piece which she draws our attention to most, however, is an emerald green, silk Yves Saint Laurent evening jacket which she pairs with earrings of the same colour from Christian Dior’s debut jewellery collection. The bold colour makes her even more radiant, and the jacket is simply stunning.

Whilst Robin does not think of herself as having been particularly successful in her career, she has always taken inspiration from the women she wrote about in her autobiographical novel ‘Aunts Up The Cross’. As strong willed and witty as ever, we found our afternoon with her to be one filled with intriguing anecdotes, nostalgia and, of course, impeccable style.

Sarah Birch

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