Today I attended the Southbank Arts Centre Board meeting. Sitting in a room with a wall of floor to ceiling windows overlooking Big Ben, the London Eye and the Thames River, I found myself having an internal conversation about how ingenious people are and have become. I was luxuriating in a feast of artistic excellence and felt inspired by the achievements of first class artists and their impact on the world. I heard about future programmes and the commitment of the team to involve people in the arts, no matter where they are from.

I was interested in the discussion about social media and the importance of forming relationships with bloggers and opinion formers on line. ‘Who do the bloggers go to for their content?’ someone asked. If I had answered I would have referred to the observations I make about people, their passions and their actions. I also observed Board members who, on their different generations of iPad, were online adding to the discussion with thoughts from their web findings.

All of this activity strikes a chord with me as it stimulates my imagination and fascination with the digital world. At MSL we have our own version of connecting people and our ‘Behind the Seams’ gift service for this Christmas is a way of people recognising others and saying thank you.