Admit it, we all love a good bit of people watching. But have you ever had that moment when you find yourself captivated by someone who’s so downright glamorous and chic, that they might just well be Royalty? The enviable shiny hair, and the sharp preppy look that is so crisp and clean it’s like she’s stepped straight out from the pages of Vogue. Well guess what? She’s harbouring a secret. Because as much as we think this is her natural state, and for the famous and lucky few it can be. This super polished style is in fact a curation of hours of work. A fair amount of time has gone into the meticulous details of this outfit, and although to you it may look like effortless style, it is a well thought out plan that has taken the best part of a day. But how you’re wondering?

The Pre Plan

Before the day ahead commences an evening of styling must be done. Going through each item in her wardrobe she wonders what type of woman she wants to be tomorrow. Spending time organising an entire outfit and having it hanging there for when she wakes.  There is no such thing in her world as morning wardrobe meltdown. Laid out before her eight hours of beauty sleep lies the outfit of the day. Not put there by her fairy godmother, but by her very own fair hands from the night before.

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The Early Bird

Despite the outfit planning, hair and beauty must be completed to a professional manner as if walking out of a salon that very morning. Up at the crack of dawn to ensure no hair is out of place and no lash uncurled. Youtube tutorials have been watched, and the latest blemish balms purchased to give that no make-up a look that will simply say ‘I woke up like this’.

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The Practice

This routine has not come easily to her. Practice makes perfection and it’s a motto she lives by. Spending her evenings defining her pose and that runway ready strut. Confidence will be her ultimate accessory.

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The Tools

A profession is nothing without it’s tools and this too goes for her. Ironing those pleats to a razor sharp edge, and lint rolling items to within inches of their lives, it’s attention to detail that will get those second glances.


So next time you’re wondering how that female adonis isn’t on the Victoria Secret catwalk, just think of all the hours she’s put into to her style credentials. And if preppy chic sounds like a lot of hard work, boho beach babes are far less effort.

By Lizzie Benton

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