I was looking at MSL social media data recently and it revealed some interesting information. While MSL is female focussed that hasn’t stopped males from being strong followers of what we do. I invited a male friend to be my guest journalist this week and I am delighted to introduce Anthony an amazingly kind, sharp intellectual who likes his clothes. – Maggie

“The other day a friend of mine went window shopping in Westfield. He said he had no intention of spending. He said he was on a research mission for work. Half an hour later he text me to say that he was already broke having bought 3 rubber belts, a tie and a jacket.

The belts intrigued me; bright fluorescent pink, highlighter yellow and a bold, bright blue. He came round to show me later in the day. Wearing skinny fit chino’s, tee shirt and jacket, the blue belt (with matching buckle) looked great. But then I looked down at his feet, and even more impressive than the day glo belt, were even brighter fluorescent trainers with stand out laces that screamed ‘look at me’.

Now, I’m more likely to choose a brogue with a nice brown striped sock over anything as retro as an 80’s style accessory overload, but ever since I saw my friends trainers, I’ve noticed fluorescent everywhere – sometimes hot pink all over, sometimes just an edging or a flash – trainers, belts, bags, watches, even laptop or ipad covers –  I’ve even seen running shoes that come in a ridiculously nuclear shade of orange or yellow – presumably so that your feet can light the way when running in the dark.

 I haven’t taken to threading vibrant coloured laces through any of my tan leather footwear, but there’s an old pair of converse plimsoles which get dusted off every summer, when I get my knees out. Perhaps if I found a modest fluorescent shade, I might even experiment.”

Have a great week and men, I want to hear from you!

By Anthony

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