Well, I survived. All bones are intact, and though my embarrassment levels reached a new high, I have never laughed so much or experienced a rush of adrenaline like it in all my 23 years of existence. It’s safe to say that skiing exceeded all my expectations, and I left with a whole new level of appreciation for the sport, and come February when the winter Olympics come onto our screens, I will definitely be watching with a completely different perspective.

So if like me, you have always chosen your summer vacation over a winter snow-filled one, I say 2014 is the year to mix things up. I returned to London feeling fresh faced, energised and lost without my ski’s, which I became very much attached to over the five days. So for all you novices out there who think skiing is not for them, I urge you to think again, and with these top tips from a first time skier, you can’t go wrong.

hattie1What a view.

Firstly, don’t let fear overpower you. I found this to be my worst enemy for the first couple of days, and it was only when I put this feeling to the back of my mind and let the enjoyment of the experience override all concerns that I found a new love for this sport. Secondly, don’t be embarrassed when you slide down a hill backwards, as was the case for my brother on many occasions, or disheartened when you see a four-year-old go whizzing past you, because remember, everyone has to start somewhere.kidsnsowIf they can do it so can you.

Another piece of advice would be to go with someone else who is also a newcomer to skiing. Myself and my family embarked into the unknown together, and because of this everyone was in the same boat, we were able to support each other, literally at times, and we were all able to laugh at each others comedy gold moments. I would also suggest you pick a resort which suits your party. We chose Les Saisies situated in the French Alps based on a recommendation from a friend and it was perfect for our first time experience, and gave us memories and spectacular scenery which we will all never forget.

hattieOur very own snow bunny took to the slopes in all pink.

The final piece of advice I am going to give is probably the most important, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The five of us had a two-hour lesson for the first two days of our holiday and it was the best decision we made. Alex, we couldn’t have done it without you.

By Hattie Lee (a ski-novice no more)

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