Sara Wilson began her career as a menswear designer before realising that she was more interested in how the clothes were worn than how they were put together. She is now working as an in house stylist for New Look, supervising campaigns, writing trend predictions and working on how the clothes are presented in the stores. In addition to being a stylist, Sara is also a writer and has written for many publications including ‘Disorder Magazine’ under the pseudonym ‘SJM Wilson’ and also keeps her own blog.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal day’ in the life of Sara. ‘Being a stylist, no two things are the same.’ One day may be spent styling womenswear and the next could be menswear. One week may be spent working on a shoot in London and the next could be working on a shoot in LA. Styling offers a rich and diverse career, which fits Sara’s creative personality perfectly. ‘The best part of my job is meeting so many different people. I love to make new connections and increase my network within the industry, as there are so many inspiring people out there!’ That is not to say being a stylist is easy, it involves hard work, skill and determination to succeed in the role and on top of that you have to be able to spot next season’s trends before the designers have finished making their collections.

Over the course of her career so far, Sara has faced a great deal of challenges which included designing and making an entire collection for Graduate Fashion Week as well as T4’s ‘New Look Style The Nation Show’. If it wasn’t for these challenges, however, Sara would not have progressed into the role she holds today. The ‘Style The Nation Show’ was what launched Sara’s career and made her an instant success. Hosted by Nick Grimshaw, the show scouted fresh young talent in the hope of finding a winner to fit the coveted role of in-house stylist at the New Look head office. Sara won the show and is now completing a one-year placement with the company.
Sara’s sense of style is very unique, compiled from garments that have a special meaning for her. She believes that you have to feel comfortable in your clothes for them to look good on you, a piece of advice she also gives her clients. Sara’s favourite garment takes the form of a men’s shirt that belonged to a previous boyfriend. Its loud, bold colours immediately draw your attention to it and it’s loose, relaxed fit makes it the perfect garment for the manic and busy days Sara experiences at work. Sara firmly believes in Maggie Semple’s idea that every garment has a story to tell the shirt is no exception. Since Sara acquired it a few years ago, it has taken on a greater meaning, converting it into a souvenir but also a good luck charm.

Sara’s career may have just started but already she is making an impact in the industry and has been featured in many national publications such as the Metro for the work she has done with New Look. One piece of advice Sara will always give her clients is: ‘don’t try and imitate what you see in magazines, find your own style and work with that. It will make you feel more comfortable in your clothes and as a result, you will gain confidence.’ With this advice at the ready, Sara’s career will be a long and victorious one.

Grace Molan


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