I had three amazing coincidences last week and they all occurred within three hours of each other.

The first was when I attended an event at the House of Commons. It was the HSBC and MOBO 20 year anniversary, attended by Parliamentarians, artists from the creative industries and business people. As I looked around the Members’ Dining Room, I saw a man who I had not seen for 40 years. He was Jazzie B. Jazzie and I grew up on the same road in Hornsey, North London and not only did we recognise each other but we also had the same vivid memories of our childhoods.

The second coincidence was at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Inspire the Future event. As I walked into the glass fronted building I was welcomed by a security official. He called me Miss Semple and I knew that I must have taught him at some point. Wally reminded me that I did and it was around 25 years ago.


It was at this point in the evening that I began to think of the saying ‘things come in three’s.’ And it did.

The third coincidence was at the RBS reception. I literally bumped into Helene who is a senior civil servant. Helene and I were at school together and even though that was some time ago, she still remembered me as Head Girl.

There are many explanations for the number three and while I can’t summarise them here, I can say that coincidences happen for a reason. And of course, that makes me curious.


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