Yesterday, Mahtab told us her treasured garment was her pencil skirt. Widely considered an all-time favourite clothing item, the pencil skirt was created by French designer Christian Dior after World War II and originally called an H-line skirt because of its shape. The designer was inspired by long skirts, tiny waistlines and striking fabrics that his mother had worn in the 1900s.

Today Mahtab wears her pencil skirt with a casual yet bright yellow cardigan tied around the waist with matching electric blues shoes and woolen hat. Getting us excited for summer, Mahtab’s aviator shades are a great way to glamourise any outfit.

Notice the cutest accessory of all hiding in her handbag. Mahtab’s Persian cat Kopol accompanies her on her busy schedule, and ensures she never leaves the house looking less than fabulous!

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