If Christmas shopping on the packed British high street has left a sour taste in your mouth, then 59Strings is the perfect shopping antidote. Bringing the luxury of European boutique design to your desktop, e-commerce has never looked so stylish.

Launched this autumn by founder Stacey Liu, 59strings, new luxury online boutique, brings together up and coming designers and artisans from around Europe. Taking only the best of Europe’s boutique designers, Liu opens their doors to whole new market. 59strings, or ‘Sishang’ in Chinese, pays homage to the 59 designers and artists whose creations were originally shown in the early stages of the website launch and means ‘I am my personal style’.

This quest for a unique and individual reflection of style is the driving force behind the site. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s legacy and the philosophy that “fashion passes, only style remains”, Liu wanted to bring together and support European designers that continue to embody this message. The carefully hand-selected pieces that you will find on the site are not slaves to current trends but unique timeless treasures.

Liu graduated from Cambridge University with an MBA in 2005 and since then has maintained her passion for international development. Relishing the opportunity to support and nurture her creative partners, Liu says, “we see it as our mission to help inspiring boutique designers and independent artisans in Europe to share their creativity with Chinese customers and beyond. It’s very rewarding to be a part of their dreams.”

Providing an innovative shopping experience, 59Strings offers you ready-to-ship designs alongside a pre-order service, allowing you to shop items that have not yet been produced and reserve them at a discounted price; if enough customers place an order then the piece goes onto production. And finally for a truly original one-off piece you can choose the made-to-order service and take part in the design and selection process of your garment.

With 59strings you can browse through European boutiques that would otherwise be out of reach. From jeweller Claire English to designer Luna Sky, all of the creative partners reflect the mission statement “Luxury is personal. Be irreplaceable. Be different.”

By Samantha Vandersteen




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