As a single woman, my loathing of Valentines Day is more often than not put down to my significant lack of a significant other to share said romantic day with. But contrary to this belief my avid dislike of the pimped up, sugar coated commercial holiday is in fact a lot more deep rooted than my current relationship status.

Even when in a relationship I have always felt that the true meaning behind the day has sadly been stripped away by opportunistic retail giants. The days of anonymously posting a handmade card to a secret admirer have been replaced with extortionately overpriced gifts and a depressing sense of one upmanship via social media for the prize of top ‘V’ Day extravagance. Sadly the thought and effort that used to go into the celebration of Valentines Day has more or less been replaced by a hallmark holiday submerged in money and greed.


So as the dreaded day looms, us singles are either left scrambling for a date with…well frankly anyone/thing with a pulse! Or hibernating at home with a cheap bottle of plonk and Bridget Jones on repeat. And then there are those distinct few that feel the need to fight for the rights of singletons everywhere like some sort of modern day suffragette movement; braving V  Day, armed with their gaggle of girlfriends to preach the ‘joys of single life’ to anyone in earshot.


And as you have probably guessed, these irrational fears and crazy outbursts are all by products of the commercialisation of Valentines Day. In the run up to the 14th there is not a website, shop, or tabloid that isn’t trying to sell you something that your loved one ‘needs‘ this Valentines, and in the case of singles, I’ve found that I can’t even peruse my favorite clothing websites without being offered an unwanted heads up on the ‘must have’  valentines ensemble!

I don’t begrudge couples celebrating their love for one another on Saint Valentines Day, despite what my rant may have suggested! All I hope for is to perhaps spark a little creativity into all you fabulous loved up people. Step away from the overpriced chocolates, return the ridiculous life size cuddly toy and think outside the box, because surely the best things in life are free…right?

By Jenna Jones


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