Halloween has become one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe and our country is stealing more and more enthusiasm for the season from our American friends. We’ve stolen the idea of trick or treating, decorating our houses and of course, the British have managed to turn it into an excuse to get dressed up and drunk.

I am a huge fan of Halloween myself and not just because I get to party. I am a massive fan of fancy dress and love putting effort into my costume each year. But every year I do find myself scratching my head over what to dress up as? There’s the easy and obvious choice to just rip a load of your clothes and cover yourself from head to toe in fake blood, put some coloured contact lenses in and be done with it. But I am always a fan of the more original efforts of people’s costumes.

Girls I find are always tricky when it comes to fancy dress, as a lot of us are afraid to look stupid instead of looking pretty. This is when we get the very poorly ‘scary’ looking outfits because girls are too ashamed to have a little fake blood stain their skin. I find that a lot of the time most girls are too worried about what the boys think, which don’t get me wrong isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But as I have got older, I have started to feel more and more comfortable with looking like a weirdo…I’m not sure if that’s because it comes to me so easily or I just like to make a fool of myself.

As I am a huge fan of disney, my chosen costume last year was ‘dead alice in wonderland’ which was a lot of fun to dress up as.


But this year I wanted to be a little more creative with my makeup, as it’s so easy to just plaster your face in a pale tone and black out your eyes. So I started experimenting with a few looks and here is a peak at my favourite look that I came up with….


I will be sure to give you guys the full finished look in next weeks blog along with a complete review of my Halloween activities!

Happy Halloween

By Connie O’Neill

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