Coffee and tea are our staple morning starters. These caffeinated drinks are our get-up-and-go saviours, helping us to brush out the bed hair and get going with the day. But with the warm summer breeze slowly (and in Britain I mean very slowly) making it’s way over to our isle, our beloved hot drinks are becoming less and less appealing, as we opt for the refreshing, cool options. There’s a big world of choice out there and so with this post, I’m going to work my way through the bar and tell you some of the hottest coolers on offer this summer.

Nero Chocolate Coconut Frappe

This is without a doubt the guilty pleasure of the bunch. With a Nero not far from Semple HQ, we are big fans of the coffee house. This sweet frappe is not far off a decadent ice cream sundae, but I always think if it’s a drink you don’t need to worry about the calories. The blend of ingredients makes this drink a moreish devil, but is worth every penny. Luxurious, cool and smooth, this might not be one for daily morning commute, but it definitely ticks the boxes for a cheat day treat.


Kiwito at Balans, High Street Kensington

If you’re looking for a sit in and sip, I highly recommend this drink. Only introduced to it this week, this ice cooler has revolutionised my idea of a mocktail. With kiwi purée, pressed apple juice, lemonade and a healthy handful of ice, this fizzy juice will awaken your taste buds and refresh your palette.


Starbucks Green tea with mint, lemongrass and lemon verbena

Even saying the name of this drink out loud makes you feel like you’re getting a healthy intake of vitamins and essential nutrients. This drink is the ideal morning booster you can afford to have everyday. And what’s more, in the words of Starbucks “this is one refreshing drink that’s all about spreading happy thoughts and sharing the love.”


By Marni Banks

Images: Pinterest






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