A Winter Getaway

It is often around this time of year, that I wish I had a holiday home abroad. Somewhere hot and sunny that I could escape to in order to avoid the desperately dark days of winter ahead. I’ve said it before no doubt, but I always struggle with the light...
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A summer staycation

I often feel, that when the sun shines here in the UK, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. The temperatures – while they seem to be soaring in many parts of Europe – tend to remain somewhat tamer here. We may get the odd day here and there when the...
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Taking a break

It’s not uncommon to hear people exclaim that they need another holiday, immediately after returning from a holiday. They can be stressful, jam-packed and itinerary-filled. Perhaps it’s a holiday with the whole family, or more of an adventure-themed getaway, but taking a holiday doesn’t always mean it’s going to be...
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Searching for sunshine

It seems as though we are in the throes of a premature month of April showers. The beautiful yet fleeting days of glorious sunshine have passed and now we are left soggy and damp with what feels like endless days of persistent rain and cloudy skies. Of course, it is...
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An Adventure on your Doorstep: The Staycation

There’s a lot to be said for England at this time of year. While many may be planning and booking their holidays and short breaks away, many others are choosing to savour the beauty of Britain. I’ve always thought that when the sun shines in England, there is simply nowhere...
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Waterfront Beach House: Criccieth

Victorian charm comes to the seaside, with a medieval castle thrown in for good measure – welcome to Criccieth, ‘the pearl of Wales on the shores of Snowdonia’. This small seaside town in Northern Wales boasts two beaches which are separated by a headland fortress with a fascinating and forceful...
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Trekking in Munduk

I never thought I’d say this, but you can have your fill of beaches! I’m sure those of you reading this at work, in somewhat of a less tropical environment , might just be about ready to punch me. But hear me out. Beaches are great. In fact I love...
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The Inconvenience of Wanderlust

If you speak to those who are nearing retirement and ask what they wish they had done more of in their lifetime, I’m sure many would reply with spending more time with family and friends; and to have seen more of the world. In fact, I’m sure many of us...
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