As one of the world’s top fashion bloggers, it is not surprising that people want a piece of Rumi Neely. With her blog Fashion Toast receiving over 5.5 million hits a month, it seemed inevitable that one day she would create her own fashion line. And now for her millions of fans, the wait is over.

Are You Am I launched towards the end of 2014 and is the latest project of the fashion blogging juggernaut Rumi Neely. After launching Fashion Toast in 2008, Rumi has quickly become one of the world’s leading fashion bloggers. Her unique personal style combined with editorial style photo shoots has garnered her millions of fans worldwide and opened doors into a notoriously hard industry.

1Image: Are You Am I

As her blog has grown, so has her status in the fashion world and her new fashion line is not her first foray into the world of retail. When she first started her blog she ran it alongside an Ebay vintage store called Treasure Crest vintage. Since her success, Neely has taken part in many fashion world collaborations, most notably with sunglasses company Sunday Somewhere.


2Image: Fashion Toast 

Finally in 2014 Neely launched her own collection filled with smart luxury basics which embody her own personal style. Looking back through the blog you can see that over the years Neely has honed her own personal style. From a pretty, slightly bohemian girl who liked to experiment with her style she has blossomed into a slick fashion model with an edgy yet relaxed off duty look.


2Image: Are You Am I

Are You Am I echoes this off-duty style and is a capsule collection of luxury basics. With leather statement pieces and lingerie inspired items, this range is not for everyone but fashion lovers and fans of Neely will be clamouring over themselves to get a piece.  Neely has not scrimped on quality and that is reflected in the price tags but for luxury basics that won’t go out of style it is definitely hitting all the right notes.

Whilst the collection is still small we predict this is only the beginning for Are You Am I and Neely. This is one blogger whose star is still most definitely on the rise.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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Fashion blogger Samantha has been contributing to the Semple blog for over two years now and loves coming up with fresh ideas for her weekly posts. Samantha is an fblogger through and through and enjoys nothing more than writing about fashion, giving her the perfect excuse for extensive ‘research’ through a little retail therapy. When Samantha is not at her day job or writing for Semple she’ll most likely be found binging on Netflix, eating peanut butter or shoe shopping….sometimes all at the same time – multitasker!

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